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User has control over Countries and Proxies visiting User’s Website

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Holy SEO Website Traffic Generator Description:
Holy SEO Website Traffic Generator (WTG) is developed by Holy SEO Team to help Website owners to boost their Website traffic. Holy SEO WTG utilizes hundreds and even thousands of proxies around the globe to do its mission.

When you run Holy SEO WTG; first, you will see the preliminary screen that requires two basic inputs from user; first is the User Website URL that user need to boost its traffic (Example: http://www.holyseo.com). Remember it has to be in this example format, as this is crucial to running Holy SEO WTG correctly. The second is any Keyword extracted from the User Website. This has to be any text appears in the User Website (Not in an image). User could copy any term from the User Website and paste it in this field. This is required to check the authenticity of the User Website during navigation, as sometimes other Intruder Websites try to use Holy SEO WTG to boost their website traffic, in this case Holy SEO WTG will use the Keyword to make sure that it navigates the actual User Website. Otherwise the navigation to the Intruder Website will be cancelled. This will be reported to the user as describes later on. If (http://www.holyseo.com) is the User Website; examples for the Keyword are: (Holy Search Engine Optimization), (is the home of all SEO followers) or (to enhance their Business Marketing and boost Business Website). Check out these Keywords in (http://www.holyseo.com) homepage to have a better understanding of how to select your Keywords. Remember, selecting the right Keyword is important to navigate only your Website, not an Intruder Website.

There are also three buttons on that screen; Buttons logos are self-explanatory and as follow:
The first is "Home Button" which opens the home page of the developer (Holy SEO).
The second is "On-Line Help Button" which will open the Help Page of Holy SEO WTG on-Line.
And the third is the "Navigation Button" that will navigation through the globe proxies in the User Website, and will do the job that the user requested.

Holy SEO
As will be described later, Holy SEO WTG is designed to run in Cycles, this is to provide break times for the CPU and RAM Usage, and to cool down the computer between the Cycles. The Holy SEO WTG Main Form text describes the Cycle and Timing either to open or close the current Cycle. This Main Form has the ability to minimize all other forms, close all of them, and to move them together. Close to the end of each Cycle, there might be many Forms opened. See the Figure below for more details.

Holy SEO
When the "Navigation Button" clicked, it will open many other screens, forms, cycles, and browsers in the world wide proxies (These are described in details below). There is a lot of work that Holy SEO WTG will do during running and that will use lots of the computer CPU and RAM. As such the usage of these two crucial elements will be presented to users in two forms: Graphical and Numerical so that the user can monitor the performance of the navigation and the computer performance at the same time, like a pilot flying an airplane. Holy SEO WTG Charts present the CPU Usage (Red Curve in the first upper Chart) and RAM Usage (Blue Curve in the first upper Chart). In general; Holy SEO WTG could run at the same time with other software, however, it is preferred to run it by itself, when the computer is not in use, during lunch hour or at night. Also, when closing Holy SEO WTG, it will not be closed immediately. User has to wait until Holy SEO WTG closes the opened proxies and exits. This is also the same reason why not all browsers are presented to the user, as this will exhaust computer resources. To optimize and keep computer resources usage, CPU Usage, and RAM Usage to the minimum, only some navigation samples will be presented to the user during running Holy SEO WTG. Additionally, Holy SEO WTG is designed to run in Cycles, this is to provide break times for the CPU and RAM Usage, and to cool down the computer between the Cycles.

A second set of Curves in the lower Chart will present both the time Holy SEO WTG spent using a certain proxy (Green Curve in the second lower Chart) and number of times the User Website navigated in the current Cycle (Pink Curve in the second lower Chart). These Curves will simplify reading the progress status by the user.

Note that those four curves in the two charts are also presented numerically to the right of the charts. The text color that represents the values of these curves is identical to the color of the correspondent curve, so it will be easier to correlate the two to each others; Charts and Numbers. Accordingly, the user can read and monitor the numbers and check them numerically and graphically at the same time. Holy SEO WTG limits the time of testing each proxy and navigating through it to 45 seconds to minimize and utilize time better. Some proxies are slow, so Holy SEO WTG will leave it and move on to the next proxy. Some other proxies respond fast, so the navigation through them will be finished in less than 45 seconds. These will be reflected in both; the Charts and the Numbers, and could be understood by anyone.

Users could familiarize themselves with the charts more and more with time. When the user monitor the progress frequently, they can tell from fast look at the charts, the speed of the proxies, timing, their countries, and much more other information described here.

Additionally, to the right of the chart there are two more texts in black color (not presented in the Charts); the top text is the current time, and the second text is the total number of proxies opened at that certain time in the current Cycle.

Holy SEO
In Addition to the Top Six Description Texts and the Four Curves in the top of this screen, there are two Boxes below that clearly and continuously explain the status of what Holy SEO WTG is doing at that moment, and present all details to the user.

The Left Box is explaining the proxies and navigation details. First the time when proxy scraping starts is recorded. Then the process of proxy scraping, and the end time of proxy scraping are shown. At the end of the proxy scraping process; the total proxies, their countries and their full IP addresses will be presented in this box. Once this process is finalized, Holy SEO WTG will start using those proxies to navigate. The Country, Proxy IP, start time, total duration, and end of navigation in each proxy are presented continuously in this box. This will continue until the end of each cycle.

The Right Box is explaining other relevant information to the user of what is Holy SEO WTG doing. As described above, Holy SEO WTG is designed to run in Cycles, this is to provide break times for the CPU and RAM Usage, and to cool down the computer between the Cycles. This Box, at the beginning describes the Cycle and Proxy Arrays in the beginning of each Cycle. Then it shows other navigation information. These include; total number of the opened website in different proxies, and time of each website (versus time of opening each proxy in the Left Box). This box also will tell user if intruder website tries to use Holy SEO WTG through a proxy, when Holy SEO WTG closes that site. Same as the Left Box, this box will continue providing the information until the end of each cycle.

Holy SEO
As described above, to optimize and keep computer resources usage, CPU Usage, and RAM Usage to the minimum, only some navigation samples will be presented to the user during running Holy SEO WTG. During running Holy SEO WTG, the user will see "some" Internet Browsers presenting the same information that were presented in the Left and Right Boxes of the main screen. The information presented to the user are described in the Figure below.

Holy SEO


To download the Setup Version or the Portable Version of the Holy SEO Website Traffic Generator, click the link to the right.


Here you can find some screenshots of the main features of Holy Holy SEO Website Traffic Generator. The user interface has been designed to be very easy to use, and fully intuitive. Click the link to the right to see the screenshots.

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